Rue (Tenadam)


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The common local name tena’adam, Ruta chalepenesis is a shrubby plant that is cultivated in the highlands of Ethiopia. It also grows in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and the Canary Islands. Descriptive of the smell and taste of the plant, “Ruta” is an old Latin name for rue, which literally means bitterness or unpleasantness. This bitterness arises from the rutin constituent of the plant. The specific epithet “chalepensis’ is derived from name of the Syrian town of Chalep, which today is called Haleb or Aleppo. Herb of Grace and Garden Rue are the common English names for tena’adam. R. chalepensis is usually confused with a closely related species, Ruta graveolens. The latter is not known to grow in Ethiopia. It originated in Europe, and is cultivated in many parts of the world. However, the two species share many similar chemical constituents and morphological features. In folk medicine, they also have many intersecting uses.

R. chalepensis is sold under the Arabic names fidjeli and fidjla in drug markets of Algiers (Algeria) and under the names ruta and rutsa in Rabat (Morocco) drug markets. It is also known by the names Syrian rue, Allepo rue and Rue d’Alep. Interestingly, another plant Peganum harmala is also sold in these markets under the same name, Syrian rue.

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